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1910 - 1912
Rev. Sedley E. Lee

Our 1st pastor served 2 years.  Rev. Sedley E. Lee and a group of Rochesterís Third Ward citizens convened to organize Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. Mt. Olivet was organized as a Church by the 83rd Monroe Baptist Association Annual Session.  He  led the delegation that met with the Monroe Baptist Association to have Mt. Olivet recognized as a Baptist Church by the council. On October 14, 1910 the council approved Mt. Olivetís request.  The old George Hall on South Avenue served as the first official church site. The church later moved to Odd Fellows Hall at 100 Caledonia Avenue, now Clarissa Street.  
2 1912 - 1915
Rev. Charles D. Hubert

Our 2nd pastor served 3 years. Rev. A. M. Kearney served as interim pastor until Rev. Hubert accepted.  He was the was the first African American to attend the Rochester Theological Seminary. During his pastorate Hubert Hall on Adams Street, the current church site, was erected.  Detailed Biography
3 1915 - 1918
Rev. L. B. Brown

Our 3rd pastor came from Chicago and he served 3 years.
4 1918 - 1920
Rev. Singleton M. Batchalar
   Our 4th pastor came from Tennessee and he served 2 years.
5 1920 - 1942
Rev. Dr. James E. Rose

Our 5th pastor was a graduate of Howard University and Rochester Theological Seminary.  He received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Howard University and was widely known as a fighter for Social Justice.  The membership grew.    In 1923, building of the new  sanctuary was started and  was dedicated on January 23, 1927.  He served for 22 years until his death in 1942.
6 1942 - 1956
Rev. Dr. Charles Boddie

 Our 6th pastor was a graduate of Colgate Divinity, received a Doctor of Divinity Degree from Keuka College, organized the Rose Memorial Fellowship and help the church break ground for the Education Building in August 1955.  He helped the church liquidate its mortgage on the old sanctuary that was built in 1926 He served 4 years.
7 1956 - 1967
Rev. Arthur L. Whitaker

Our 7th pastor was from Malden, Massachusetts.  He graduated from Harvard University Divinity School, the Andover Newton Theological School.  During his tenure the Education building known as Whitaker Hall was completed.  He helped dedicate the Education Building on March 5, 1958. He served 11 years.
8 1967 - 1989
Rev. Dr. Leardrew Johnson

Our 8th pastor was from New York City.  He graduated from Virginia University, received both his Master and Doctorate Degrees from Colgate Rochester Divinity School.  He established the Scholarship Fund, the Senior Citizen's Fellowship and the New Sanctuary Building Fund.  He served 22 years and retired becoming the Pastor Emeritus.
9 1989 - 2006
Rev. Dr. Dwight E. Cook

Our 9th pastor was from Roswell, Georgia. He graduated from Tuskegee University.  Morehouse College School of Religion and received his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Drew University School of Theology. Under his leadership, a Family Care Ministry was been established, a discipleship and bible study program was developed, summer bash was organized and an Alzheimer support ministry was developed.  He established a Youth Ministry focus and hired the First Youth Minister,

 Rev. James McCarroll.  A new sanctuary was constructed and he moved the congregation to this area June 20, 1999.  He served 16 years.  Rev. Lawrence Hargrave is now servicing as the Interim Pastor.


2008 - current

Rev. Dr. Rickey B. Harvey

Our 10th pastor is from Memphis, Tennessee.  He has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Memphis, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, a Master of Divinity degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary - California, a Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Tennessee School of Religion and a Doctorate of Ministry from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.

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