July 20,  2014 Announcements


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We pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to you today.

Trustees: Please contact one of the assigned Trustee to gain access to the building after normal business hours.

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Health Ministry

  2014 Healthy Family Tips

Know Your Family Health History

Why is it important to know your Family Health History? Families have many things in common—including genes, environment and lifestyle.  Knowing your family health history is a key step in keeping you and your family as healthy as possible—especially when it comes to preventable diseases. 

Talk about and write down the health problems that run in your family.    At the dinner table, after family devotions, or family gatherings (lots of family reunions this summer)—share family health conditions that run in your family.

Tracing the illnesses suffered by your parents and grandparents can help you take action to keep you and your children from following the same health course.  Enjoy a longer, healthier future by taking steps early to lessen your risk of developing diseases that run in your family. While you can’t change genes, you can seek strength from the Lord to make environment and lifestyle changes needed to prevent the onset of preventable conditions.  Pray and ask God to guide you in your discussions.

Solidarity Events


July 16th, 6-7:00pm  - Prayer Meeting

July 23rd, 6-7:00pm  - Prayer Meeting

July 28th, 6:00pm  - Worship Committee

July 30th, 7-9:00pm  -   Prayer Service

Aug 6th,  6-7:00pm  - Prayer Meeting

Aug 13th,  6-7:00pm  - Prayer Meeting

Solidarity Fish Fry, Wed.- 7pm


Sept 20-28- Mark Your Calendar

Solidarity "T-Shirt"

$12 each or 2 for $20





Annual Golf Tournament

19th Annual

Thurs, July 26th, 10:00am

Victor Hills Golf Course

1450 Brace Road - Victor, NY

Cost:  $90 per Golfer

Contact, Deacon Gregory Blue - 301.1921


Deacon Robert Mitchell - 738.2412


Solidarity Worship Committee


Thurs, July 28th, 25:00pm

 Call Irene Ingram, 270-8478, If You Cannot Attend

2014 Vacation Bible School

Cultural Enrichment

Mon - Fri, Aug 11th - 15th, 9:30am- 3:30pm


Mt. Olivet Baptist Church


Kindergarten-12th grade

Just Us Retirees

Trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania, "Moses"

Mon - Fri, Sept 23rd - 25th


If You Are Interested In Acquiring A Seat,

 Call This Week, ASAP

Koning Day Tours, 585-385-0670


A $100.00 Deposit Required

Any Questions, Contact

Diane Mathias, 585-334-7061