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Mt. Olivet Baptist of Rochester, New York was established on October 14, 1910. It is recognized for its leadership, ministry and programs that enhance the quality of life within the community.

Mt. Olivet holds the distinction of being the first Baptist church established in Rochester for people of color. It was established to meet the need of a small group of Southern Baptist African Americans that desired to have an African American Baptist Church.   At that time, there was no African American Baptist church in Rochester. 

Mt. Olivet has a diverse membership of approximately 700 persons that live in Rochester and surrounding suburbs. Its members include people from all professions, races and culture.

Mt. Olivet  is a member of the American Baptist Churches of Rochester / Genesee Region; the Greater Rochester Community of Churches; the United Church Ministries; the National Baptist Convention, Inc.; and the American Baptist Churches of the USA.

Reverend Sedley Lee, Mt. Olivet's first minister, established a solid foundation for the church aided by the founding members, Deacons, Ushers and those who lift their voices in song.  Throughout the years, Mt. Olivet has continued to prosper through its spiritual vision while becoming widely known for its work in social justice, diverse cultures and human betterment.

Mt. Olivet's congregation that was established in 1910  continues to stand as a place of God's "shelter from storms of life."  Mt. Olivet has a rich history of leadership, love and commitment to doing God's will. We thank God for all of the Pastors who served our congregation. Without them, we would not have experienced spiritual, congregational and community growth!  Mt. Olivet has had ten Pastors:

Rev. Sedley Lee, Rev. Charles D. Hubert, Rev. L. B. Brown, Singleton M. Batchalar, Rev. James E. Rose, Rev. Charles Boddie, Rev. Arthur L. Whitaker, Leardrew Johnson, Rev. Dwight E. Cook and Rev. Dr. Rickey B. Harvey.

In 2003, under Rev. Cook's leadership, Mt. Olivet hired its first Youth Minister, Rev. James McCarroll who greatly enhanced the ministries for children and youth. 

From March 2006 until October 2008, Rev. Lawrence Hargrave served as Interim Pastor until the Pastoral Search Team found a new Pastor.  In November 2008,  Rev. Dr. Rickey B. Harvey became Mt. Olivet's 10th Pastor.

Mt. Olivet has had a long time association with Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.  Mt. Olivet has trained and employed many of the schools Student Ministers and graduates under the leadership and guidance of our pastors.  One of which is the renowned Dr. Howard Thurman. 


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We have served and continue to serve in concrete and meaningful ways. We  seek, as people of faith, to "serve the present age" for the sake of liberation and wholeness.  We thank God for the legacy and leadership as we continue the vision with willing hearts moving forward into the 21st Century as one Body in Christ.  Join us.   We have various activities and organizations that will meet your needs and allow you to serve. 

Mt. Olivet must continue to be as it has in the past, "a teaching Church", empowering those within so that they may touch others and lead them back to God.  Join us!  We need you!  The legacy and spiritual growth and development must continue!  Only you can help us achieve this goal, Join Us!

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Rev. A.M. Kearney -  Mary Keeys -  Mrs. Lulu G. Hills

Hubert Halls -  Erected 1914

Sunday School 1938

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